New Jersey

New Jersey is the fourth-smallest state and was the third state to ratify the Constitution. Despite its small size, its status as the eleventh most populated state meant that there were a delightful amount of dyers from which to choose.  I found 24 yarn dyers, and the runners up were:

I chose Spark Story because of the quality of their color pallet; they balance vibrant colors with rich hues, which made it incredibly challenging to choose a colorway.  After much deliberation, I chose "Autumn in a Skein" because I adored the deep red, blues, and oranges.  Looking into their store as I write this, there are so many colorways that I would love to knit with!

I adored working with the deep masculine colors on this pair of socks.  The pooling did not bother me, and I was rather interested in seeing how the pooling almost matched on both pairs of socks.  I was able to complete these socks in 8 days, significantly beating my old record for fingering-weight socks.  


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