Pennsylvania was the 2nd state to ratify the constitution and is also the 6th most populous in the United States.  While I struggled to find yarn from Delaware, I found myself overwhelmed with how many incredible dyers there are from PA.  

I found 37 yarn creators in my search and the choice to narrow it down was incredibly difficult. Some of the runners up were:

I decided to go with Wren House Yarns because of the organically-colorered yarn and the pattern with which it is speckled.    I am particularly enamored with the Modern Gingham colorway, with the pinks, greens, and blueish-black shades in bright contrast from each other.    The organic nature of her colorway designs is no surprise if you look at Wren House Yarn's blog or Instagram, as her pictures are of nature she visits and of her passion about natural dyeing. While the yarn I bought was dyed with colorfast dyes (meaning that the colors won't fade as easily compared to natural dyes), it's fascinating to see the different color combinations she came up with using only nature.

The yarn base is what is commonly referred to as "MCN", or 80% Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon.  I've never been particularly excited about this blend of fiber, but (much like regular Merino) it is very pleasant.  I had so much fun with this pair of socks, as the pinks, greens, yellows, and blacks frequently changed enough to keep my visual interest.  I love the pooled areas of stripes that contrast with the pools of pink shades.  

And now, a map!  This map will grow as more states are added.